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I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

With that being said, that means spring is here and the home-buying season is in full force! Today, I had an opportunity to be on Hall Financial's Podcast, Live on Real Estate, to talk about the importance of a good credit score when purchasing a home.

I come across many clients, mainly first-time homebuyers, who have no idea what their credit score is, how a lender uses their credit score or even where to start. We had a fantastic discussion today to debunk a few myths, brings insight to a topic that many people are afraid to have, and even had a few laughs as well.

Take a listen here! That's #WillieDavisRealtor

Are (Some) Real Estate Investors Shying Away from Home Flipping?


As 2017 home buying season picks up steam, some home investors are shying away from home flipping. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, home flipping through the first quarter of 2017 is down 6 percent from a year ago – which is the lowest number in tow years.

But, what’s more interesting is that more investors are actually turning to financing through banks for their home flips. In Q1 of 2017, purchases with financing rose to about one-third of total purchases. The reason for this has to do with lower interest rates from lenders for non-owner-occupied homes.

Here in southeast Michigan, ATTOM provides some great cities that provide a great Gross ROI on their flips outside of Detroit, which is at an average of 116.5% Gross ROI:

  • Saint Clair Shores (48081) – 89.0 %
  • Eastpointe (48021) – 83.1%
  • Warren (48088) – 76.2%
  • Roseville (48066) – 75.2%
  • Saint Clair Shores (48080) – 67.0%
  • Clinton Township (48035) – 51.6%

Home Flipping Trends


Why You Should Hire a REALTOR®


Why you should hire a Realtor

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, there are many benefits to working with a REALTOR® to help you through the process. People who put their house on the market For Sales By Own (FSBO), don’t usually get the opportunity to take advantage of what a REALTOR® will be able to provide.

  1. I will help you get your house ready for sale. As your REALTOR®, I’ll advise you on the things you will need to do to help get your home ready for sale. Whether it be touching up, updating, or even staging, I will be able to help you see things from a buyer’s perspective. 
  1. I will market your home to the widest possible audience. Yes, there is social media, but are you targeting your home to the right potential buyers? As a REALTOR®, I’m able to get your home on the MLS as well as reach out to my many real estate agent contacts – many of which are in my office. 
  1. Negotiating on your behalf. Negotiations are probably one of the hardest parts of a real estate transaction and something that many people hate doing. So, leave it to me to negotiate on your behalf and do the grunt work for you!
  1. As a REALTOR®, I follow Code of Ethics where I pledge to protect and promote the interest of my client. At the end of the day, my loyalty as a REALTOR® is to you – my client. I follow a Code of Ethics that I take very seriously and I promise to do all that I can to help you.

The question is, why wouldn’t you hire a REALTOR® when making one of the most difficult decisions of your life?

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